Total Solution Provider to Material Application Customers
Solar Applied Materials Technology Corporation (SOLAR), founded in 1978, is the largest optical data storage thin film manufacturer worldwide. Acknowledged as one of world’s leading players in precious metal and rare material refining, special forming and processing, SOLAR offers key materials and integrated service model to customers for application in Optoelectronics, Information, Petrochemicals, and Consumer Electronics industries. The major products consist of four categories: precious chemicals/ materials, special chemicals, resources recycling and targets/ materials for thin film application.

SOLAR is licensed by EPA (Environmental Protection Administration) for recycling of solution for cyanide plating and is the only company in Taiwan licensed to manufacture silver cyanide chemicals. To be further in line with the Government’s policy on green industry and upgrading traditional industry, SOLAR established a precious metal recovery and refining plant for electronic wastes, petrochemical catalyst and automotive catalyst. Recently, SOLAR devotes to the development of high value-added precious material products.

Corporate philosophy of SOLAR is continuous research and development, technology upgrade and guaranteed service quality for total customer satisfaction. SOLAR offers alternative services to satisfy different requirements of our customers with an aim to provide flexible solutions for all their needs. Currently, there are more than 1,800 employees serving worldwide in Taiwan, China, America, Europe and Asia. The branch offices provide 24-hour service for global customers. The “Inside Chamber Total Solution” operation model integrates SOLAR’s core technologies, advance manufacture capability and supreme service. In this way, SOLAR constructs the most cost-effective manufacture ability and offers competitive price and dynamic service to customers around the world. In the future, SOLAR will continue to co-develop with our partners and provide the most advanced products so as to fulfill our customers’ expectation and demand in the precious material service chain.

Enterprise Symbol: Solid Foundation, Rationalization & Knowledge Management
The scope of business of SOLAR is focused on material application, research and development. Material industry is the foundation of the application industry, and the base is constructed upon refining, processing technology, application and service. Through rationalization, the company tries to provide both price and quality competitive products. Well-rounded knowledge management further promotes the product research and development and operation management level.

With material extracted from mineral resource and recycled from industrial waste, SOLAR produce materials needed for micro-electron and optical-electronic industries. By recycling and regenerating value of materials, SOLAR strives to protect the Earth ecology, and hopes that our management result will glow in full spectrum.

Design Connotation of A World Brand
SOLAR is the English name of the company and it extremely suitably as a world brand. The implication drawn by the sun is used to design the company logo. The seven color spectra symbolizes the glory of the light and heat brought about by SOLAR’s products.