Solar History Overview: (Taiwan)
  Solar Chemical Co., Ltd was founded
Golden Trade Award (#28)
  Grant ISO9001International Quality Certification
    Renamed as “Solar Applied Materials Technology Corporation”
  Research Management Ranked “A” in Chinese Management Association
    “Outstanding Corporation Learning Award 2001”given by Ministry of Economic Affair, Taiwan (MOEA)
  Accredited as a Chinese National Laboratory
    5th "Outstanding Photonics Award 2002, Taiwan“
Opening of Kun-Shang, China Factory
    Chairman honored as the 57th Golden Merchant
  Taiwan Association for Magnetic Technology – Magnetism Prize for Industrial Contribution
  Initial Public Offerings of common stock
    Top 1000 National Manufacturer (#389)
Solartech Headquarters and R&D Center – Grand Opening in Tainan Technology & Industrial Park
  “2006 Taiwan Technology Top 100” - Business Next Magazine
    Top 500 Sales Revenue in Field of Chemicals Materials and Products (#1)
Golden Trade Award: 2006 International Trade Top 500
    50 Best Operating Entrepreneurs, Common Wealth Magazine (#3) Seagate - Annual Best Supplier
  Established “Solar Charity Social Welfare Foundation”
    London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Silver Bar Accreditation
Deloitte “Taiwan Technology Fast 50 Profit Growth”
    Award for International Trade in 2007 & 11th Rising Star Award - Bureau of Foreign Trade, Executive Yuan (Export to Japan #2)
    Upgrading Industries and Investment Award, CSIST
  Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd. - 2008 Best Supplier
Solar HK – Grand Opening
Solar USA – Grand Opening
Acquire Forcera Materials Co., Ltd. (former SIC Electronics Co., Ltd.)
    Invest in Htc & Solartech Service Limited
    Taiwan Association for Magnetic Technology – 2009 Magnetism Prize for Industrial Contribution
Participate in TVBS - LOHAS Taiwan Episode
    Solartech North Region Operation Center – Grand Opening
Taiwan Credit Ratings: twA- ; Outlook Stable
    Solar Park FPD Building – Grand Opening
  London Platinum and Palladium Association (LBMA) Platinum Bar Accreditation
Showa Denko K. K. – 2009 Best Supplier Award
    London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Gold Bar Accreditation
    Top 18 in “Taiwan Top 1,000 Growth Force Manufacturers” - Common Wealth Magazine
    Top 13 in “2010 Taiwan Technology Top 100” - Business Next Magazine
    Central Taiwan Science Park “High-tech Equipment Foresight Development Project” - Large Planar and Rotary Target UT Inspection Technology Development
Tainan City Government “Environmental & Safety Family” Demonstration Plant
    2009 Golden Trade Award: Growth in Export to India (#2)
Top 83 in Taiwan 1,000 Top Manufacturers - Common Wealth Magazine
    Occupational Safety & Health Award - Industrial Development
Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Upgrading Industries and Investment Award - CSIST
    Innovation Award, 2009 ~ 2010 Technology Development Plan - CSIST
  Solar Singapore – Opening
    Human Resource Planning: Taiwan Training Quality System Silver Medal
2010 National Labor Safety & Health Promotion Award – TTIP Plant
Precious Metal Management Center - Opening
    Golden Trade Award: 2010 International Trade (#20)
2010 Golden Trade Award: Growth in Export to India (#1)
    Taiwan Credit Ratings: twA- ; Outlook Stable
1st Gold Laurence Award in Excellent Revenue Performance, Gre Tai Securities Market
Recognized as An Authorized Economic Operator
    Receive 2011 International Conference on Sustainable Material Management Delegation, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA)
  Collaboration with the Central Bank of Sao Tome e Principe - Agreement about mint and marketing of commemorative coins
Member of Taiwan Technology and Intellectual Property Strategies Group (TIPS)
    Showa Denko K. K. – Star Award
    Solartech Cross-strait Expansion & Asia Pacific Precious Metal
Operation Center Opening Ceremony
    Award for International Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (#14)
    2nd National Industry Innovation Award: Disruptive Innovation (Ruthenium Target Development and Improvement Project), Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
    2012 Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award: Green Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
  Established Precision Packaging Corporation
    Recertification of Sony Green Partner Certificate
Set up Shen Zhen, Southern China Office
    16th "Outstanding Photonics Product Award"
    TPK Outstanding Supplier Award
FUJI best partner 80 of the year 2013
    Seagate Annual Best Supplier
    Approval of Stage 2 Technology Research and Development Project: Advance High Purity Sputtering Target Technology Development Plan for Semiconductor Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs
    Certified as a Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI) gold refiner
    3rd National Industry Innovation Award: Innovation Excellence Award, Ministry of Economic Affairs
      22nd Taiwan Excellence Award: The commemorative Gold and Silver coins.
  2nd Orange Osmanthus Laurel: employment promotion
  Established Universal Inspection & Certification Technology Co. Ltd
    Golden Trade Award - Contribution in Niche Market Expansion
      Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd. - 2014 Best Supplier
HGST - 2014 Best Supplier

Solar History Overview: (China)
  Solar Applied Materials Technology Corporation (Kun-Shang) established
  ISO9001 Certified
    “Branding Products” in Jiang-Su Province, China
    ISO14001 Certified
    Marked as “Advanced Enterprise of Quality Management”
    Reputed as “Best Supplier”
    OHSAS 18001 Certified
  Honored as “Front Line-up of Chinese Industries”
    TS16949 Certified
    Safety production licenses (renewed)
  Grant Administration of Production Permit for Potassium Gold Silver
    Honored as “ Harmonious Labor Relationship Company"
  Honored the Propulsive Unit of KUNSHAN Healthy Enterprises
    Honored one of the lash-up rescue teams of dangerous chemicals.
  Certified as the First Company in Kunshan to Pass Safety Standardization Certification
  Selected by Kunshan Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee as One of the Star Company
  Receive Permits for Export of Dangerous Goods/td>
    Passed ISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS18001、TS16949 verification

Listing information
Started Solar Chemical Industrial Corp. with capitalization of NT$2,000,000
Decided to become a public company.
    Increased capitalization to NT$340,655,000
  Approved by the GreTai Securities Market to be registered as an “emerging stock.”
    Increased capitalization to NT$583,382,500
    Approved by the Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission to list on the GreTai Securities Market.
  Increased capitalization to NT$651,932,500
Began trading on the GreTai Securities Market
  Increased capitalization to NT$851,994,610
  Increased capitalization to NT$1,497,633,640
  Increased capitalization to NT$2,438,417,680
  Increased capitalization to NT$2,495,933,290
  Increased capitalization to NT$2,997,654,550
  Increased capitalization to NT$3,744,378,320
  Decreased capitalization to NT$3,719,331,320
    Increased capitalization to NT$4,090,603,460
  Decreased capitalization to NT$4,085,643,460
  Decreased capitalization to NT$4,065,643,460