Organization and Executives

Organization and Executives

Data Date: Dec 31, 2023

  • Chairman & CEO

    • Name:C.F. Huang
    • Education:Master, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, USA
    • Past Experience:
      - Vice President, Operations & Engineering, Continental Teves Taiwan
  • Vice President,
    Thin-film & Electronic Materials Business Unit

    • Name:Gary Chung
    • Education:EMBA, National Cheng Kung University
    • Past Experience:
      - General Manager, Life Fusion Inc.
      - Sales Manager, Applied Materials Taiwan
  • Vice President,
    Intelligent Management Center

    • Name:Ben Hong
    • Education:PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
    • Past Experience:
      - Principal Engineer/Director, Bell Communication Research
      - Vice President and General Manager, Quanta Computer lnc.
  • Assistant Vice President,
    Functional Compound Ceramic Business Unit

    • Name:Seward Hu
    • Education:Master, Institute of Applied Mechanics National Taiwan University
    • Past Experience:
      - Senior Director, Topview Optronics Corp.
      - Sales Manager, Opto-Electronic BU, Solartech
  • Assistant Vice President,
    Precious Metal & Green Management Business Unit

    • Name:Vincent Huang
    • Education:Master, Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
    • Past Experience:
      - Manager, ChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES INC.
      - Deputy Director, Precious Metal & Green Management BU, Solartech


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