Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Circular Economy

With the vision of "Green, Value, and Future" in mind, SOLAR implements reuse, reduce and recycle principles in operationthe 3Rs (Reuse/Reduce/Recycle) and actively promotes the circular economy, and further integrates the circular economy into SOLAR's business model and internalizes it into our DNA.
From Materials Scraps to High-end Materials

SOLAR recycles the industrial scraps of precious and rare metals , and purifies them into industrial-grade raw materials through the developed refining and purification technologiesy developed inhouse. These refined materials are directly made into various industrial products for use by domestic and global clients, thus implementing the circular economy model of transforming scraps into high-end materials.

Total Amount of Raw Materials Recycled by SOLAR in the Past Three Years
SOLAR continues to implement the concept of circular economy, and the annual amount of raw materials (precious and rare metals) recycled in each of the past three years has exceeded 200 metric tons in each of the past three yearshas continued to grow.

Green Recycle - UL2809 Recycled Content Validation

In response to the brand manufacturers' emphasis on circular economy and their expectation of to use using 100% recycled raw materials for their products, SOLAR has led the industry in obtaining UL 2809 Recycled Content Validation in 2020. Through third-party verification and certification, SOLAR ensures that our products are made from recycled materials and that the related processes are in line with the spirit of circular economy, realizing the vision of "Green, Value, and Future" and strengthening the SOLAR’s green competitiveness.

Validated Products

  • In terms of the recycling of gold (Au), SOLAR provides potassium gold cyanide (PGC), Au slug, and Au Kilo Bar, which are made from 100% recycled gold.
  • In terms of the recycling of silver (Ag), SOLAR provides potassium silver cyanide (PSC), which is made from 100% recycled silver.
  • In terms of the recycling of indium (In), high purity indium materials obtained through the process of recycling and refining are used to make ITO target.


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