Friendly Workplace

Friendly Workplace

Build a Happy and Secure Workplace by Deepening the Culture of Sustainability

SOLAR puts much emphasis on the employee development and their rights and interests, and systematically manages talents through five major processes of human resources selection, namely, employment, training, cultivation, promotion, and retention. Meanwhile, SOLAR constructs a workplace of "safety", "respect", "ethics", "equality" and "diversity" so that employees can realize their ideals and ambitions in SOLAR. SOLAR invests a large amount of development costs in human resources to maintain SOLAR’s cutting edge status in research and development. In the future, SOLAR will continue to work hard to build a more progressive, healthy, and inclusive workplace environment in order to attract more talented employees, and it is expected that they will become the core growth engine of SOLAR's sustainable operation.

Imprint the concept of sustainability into the corporate DNA

ESG is a significant global trend in recent years and an issue that companies must prioritize in recent years. "Sustainable corporate development" has become a sharedcommon business strategy and vision. In order to cultivate ESG awareness among our employees, SOLAR has implemented various courses and measures to strengthen their understanding and knowledge of ESG concepts during their work processes, while concurrently enhancing our competitiveness. Sustainable corporate development relies heavily on internal recognition and support, and continuous and in-depth communication is the fundamental way toward success. SOLAR has organized an online lecture series on ESG, in which the Chairman and President personally explain SOLAR's sustainable development and the concept of green complete circular economy in order to shape the consensus of SOLAR’s internal sustainability.

Promote Employee Stock Ownership Trust Program

 The first tenet of the culture beliefs and declaration of SOLAR is "My SOLAR", as the main appeal is that I am an employee and a shareholder. The action starts from me to consolidate the development of SOLAR and build a sustainable SOLAR!

As talent is the cornerstone of sustainable operation for SOLAR, we promote an employee stock ownership trust program for all employees of the parent company, retaining talent while helping them save at the same time. Each month, employees contribute a fixed amount of their salary to purchase the stock of SOLAR, and we also contributes the same amount of incentive money to a dedicated trust account. In addition to providing long-term protection, the trust also helps employees plan their retirement steadily. The participation rate of the employee stock ownership trust exceeds 50%, which shows the employees' support and affirmation of the trust program.

Human Resources Policy

SOLAR's talent development mission is aimed at building the best team for each business unit to strengthen our competitive edge on a continuing basis through comprehensive selection, training, placement and retention of talents. In order to achieve organizational goal, we launched three phases of talent development (TD) strategies as follows: (a) three TD strategies from 2016 to 2018 for transformation during crisis; (b) five TD strategies from 2019 to 2021 for our return to glory; (c) eight TD strategies from 2021~2030 for a decade of prosperity. We continue to create value and empower our people to become more competitive through diversified talent development programs.

Based on the talent development system, SOLAR has formulated a training program for all levels of supervisors. There are five major training systems for junior and mid-level supervisors, including training for new manager, general managerial functions, talent management cycle, strategic performance management, and strategic team building. Since 2018, SOLAR has completed 2219 themes and 3934 training sessions for each level of supervisors, and a total of 1,4551,260 participants have completed these training sessions.

Talent Development Strategies

Looking towards the Golden Decade, in 2022, SOLAR embarked on a "Dual Transformation" strategy, outlining talent development strategies for the next ten years to achieve Chairman C.F. Huang's business goals: "We are committed to shaping SOLAR as a platform that empowers employees to realize their full potential, rather than just a workplace".

SOLAR adopts the "Solar APP School" as our training system, placing emphasis on application, providing tools and techniques, and focusing on learning blueprint construction and passing down practical experiences transmission. We have developed a talent development framework that encompasses core competencies, professional skills, and managerial abilities, ensuring a well-rounded pool of management talents. In response to digital transformation initiatives, SOLAR is strategically positioning digital transformation talents to support the development of new businesses and establish agile project teams. We also implement talent rotation programs to enhance employee engagement and build a talent pool within the organization.

Diversified Learning Methods
Facing the fast pace of globalization, SOLAR expects to enable our employees to leap into the international competitive arena and provide opportunities for talents with aspirations to broaden their horizons, and to enhance their own capabilities through hands-on operations.

SOLAR actively promotes the knowledge sharing and learning culture through multiple and effective learning methods, so that the mid-level supervisors and senior executives can lead all colleagues to create a culture of knowledge sharing and learning. SOLAR has employed learning methods such as digital learning (E-Learning), sharing (Hi-po team sharing), internal training courses, external training courses, employing professional lecturers to teach in SOLAR, and online discussion forums, etc.

Employee Development Program

Course Title Training Within Industry for Supervisors (TWI) Energy Management and ISO 50001 Training
Course Objectives
  1. Enhance the management concepts of frontline supervisors (team leaders/section chiefs).
  2. Strengthen their capacity to provide job instructions and drive work improvements.
  3. Improve their working relationships with subordinates.
  1. Enhance the knowledge and skills of on-site personnel in energy management.
  2. Identify potential energy improvement opportunities.
Course Benefits
  1. Develop 20 job instruction SOPs.
  2. Utilize work improvement concepts and propose improvements for 6 processes.
  3. Overall average satisfaction rating: 4.7 out of 5.0.
  1. In 2022, a total of 877,219 kWh of energy was saved through energy-saving projects.
  2. A total of 68 employees obtained ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Certificates.
Number of Participants 2.2% (33 employees) 4.5% (68 employees)

Employee Performance Appraisal

Type of Performance Appraisal Description Frequency
Management by Objectives Each Business Unit takes on organizational goals, formulates specific unit-level objectives, and subsequently engages in objective-setting dialogues between their immediate supervisors and team members to define the current objectives. Every half-year
Multidimensional Assessment In addition to management by objectives, employees engaged in cross-departmental projects are required to be evaluated from cross-departmental supervisors. Every half-year
Agile Conversation and Performance Review To ensure ongoing progress and the successful attainment of objectives, supervisors regularly conduct one-on-one conversations and provide feedback to team members. This practice ensures that team members possess a clear understanding of their job performance and can effectively achieve their goals. Ongoing

Improvement Campaign for All Employees
SOLAR raises the awareness of employees on quality through full participation and continuous improvement. Through the committee's selection of Good Ideas Award and Diligent & Attentive Award, and the monthly announcement of immediate rewards, SOLAR stimulates employees to create new ideas and inspire a sense of honor.

Friendly Workplace
  • Effective Communication Channels

    SOLAR has built a diverse, equal and healthy workplace through comprehensive human resources policy. We established effective communication channels to accommodate different ideas and voices. Moreover, we hold campaigns against infringing acts in the workplace, offering training courses to new hires and sending notice to current employees on an irregular basis to raise awareness. We also conduct preventative surveys every year to highlight employees who are exposed to high risks and offer them assistance.


    If any of our employees suffers from physical or mental harm during the execution of duties due to the infringing acts committed by employer, supervisor, co-worker, client or other third party in the workplace, or if anyone has any comment or feedback to share, he or she can report directly to the CEO’s email or a physical mailbox for employees.


  • Harmonious Labor Relations

    In addition to strengthening cross-functional communication, SOLAR encourages voluntary consultation and collaboration between employees and employer, so as to enhance communication, build consensus and work jointly towards an agreed resolution. We organize employer-labor meeting on a long-term and regular basis. This meeting is attended by an equal number of representatives from both sides (namely, five representatives from each plant) and discussed through presentation and proposal. A resolution is made with approval from three-fourths of the representatives, creating the vision of a mutually beneficial relation and a win-win situation. In 20222021, SOLAR held 4 quarterly employer-labor meetings and 1 ad-hoc meeting, where the number of attendees met the quorum in every meeting.

    SOLAR has established a labor union in its manufacturing site located in mainland China, with employee participation accounting for 28.5% of the total workforce.
  • Implementation of Gender Equality

    SOLAR highly values gender equality in the workplace. We formed a Gender Equality Committee in accordance with the Act of Gender Equality in Employment. Not only did we implement gender equality, we also followed the principle of equal pay for equal work in employment, compensation and reward system regardless of race, ethnicity, social class, ancestry, religion, physical and mental disabilities, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, political belief and age. Furthermore, female employees account for 3033% of total managerial roles. When it comes to career development, we value personal competency, not gender.



Human Rights Policy

SOLAR respects human rights, abides by the labor-related laws and regulations of the locations of global operations, and protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees. It also refers to the spirit of human rights protection and fundamental principles promulgated by the International Human Rights Code, the International Labor Organization-Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Global Covenants of the United Nations and other International Covenants on Human Rights - Spiritual and Fundamental Principles for the Protection of Human Rights. The formulation of a "human rights policy" fully embodies the responsibility to respect and protect human rights, and to treat and respect all colleagues with dignity. In addition, the "Work Rules", "Staff Code of Conduct", "Employee Recruitment and Appointment Management Measures" and other documents. All of them clearly declare the protection of employees' human rights, including legal requirements, freedom of employment, humane treatment, prohibition of improper discrimination and harassment, protection of employee complaints, free association, etc.
Here at SOLAR, we believe everyone should be treated with respect. We invest in manpower and ensure various regulations and labor management are in line with the principles of human rights and justice. Meanwhile, we comply with laws and regulations. We prohibit the use of child labor and forced labor, slavery and trafficking of persons. Our employees’ rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining are respected without any form of discrimination. We also implement humane treatment by reasonably arranging work hours and rest hours for employees and providing reasonable salary and benefits. Furthermore, we continue to improve employee benefits and interests in connection with regulatory changes and external information, and periodically examine whether these are in compliance with laws and regulations.

During the reporting period, none of the following major human rights violations occurred at SOLAR: (a) evidence of any operational base that may violate or seriously endanger the freedom of association and collective bargaining; (b) use of child labor at any operational base; (c) sexual harassment incident; (d) forced labor at any operational base.

Create a Happy and Safe Workplace

  • Occupational Safety and Health Management System

    In compliance with the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy, we have introduced ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System to ensure everyone’s safety at work. We built a team and management system responsible for OH&S and set forth stringent policy, procedures and management standards to promote internal occupational safety. In 20212022, we continued to pass SGS audit and verification, making sure our management system remains current and effective. Our employees and non-employees (contractors) are all covered by the scope of OH&S management system. We will ensure every aspect in the OH&S system is thoroughly implemented in the future.

  • Continued Improvement in Occupational Safety and Health

    SOLAR continues to pay attention to environmental safety and health management improvement issues, with the goal of reducing the health hazards in the work environment to employees. SOLAR continues to put forward improvement proposals to reduce the burden when workers perform their job duties and reduce the risk of their exposure to hazards., and encourages all employees of SOLAR to formulate specific improvement proposals with positive and innovative thinking, and encourages them by giving gift vouchers upon acceptance of their proposals, with additional bonuses for excellent proposals.

    In 2022, SOLAR executed 55 improvement plans to reduce risks and seize the improvement opportunities, including reducing chemical hazards, reducing exposure to musculoskeletal hazards, reducing dust hazards, reducing noise hazards, and reducing other safety and health risks.
  • Workplace Health and Safety

    SOLAR has established an Occupational Safety and Health Office and an Occupational Safety and Health Committee. The committee meets once every three months to help monitor and provide suggestions on the occupational health and safety related plans. SOLAR creates a working environment with low injury and absenteeism rates through active prevention, and organizes related activities and training to maintain occupational safety and health of employees to facilitate the establishment of a healthy workplace culture.

    SOLAR values the opinions of our colleagues and protects the rights and interests of employees to build up a smooth communication process. Employees can fully communicate among one another through various channels such as labor-management meetings, departmental meetings, monthly industrial safety officer meetings and suggestion boxes to ensure the safety of workers at SOLAR and to transmit safety and health-related knowledge and information. These channels also allow for communication and consultation with workers to continuously improve the integrity of occupational safety and health systems.
  • Accredited Healthy Workplace

    In order to maintain the health of our employees, SOLAR provides annual medical checkups for employees and organizes various health promotion activities, such as cancer screening activities, vaccinations, weight loss courses, smoking cessation courses, and various health seminars to improve potential and existing health problems of employees and reduce the occurrence of diseases, so as to enhance personal health and improve work efficiency. In 2019, SOLAR applied for the "Accreditation of Healthy Workplace" from the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare and obtained the "Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace", effective until 20241. In the future, SOLAR will continue to apply for the accreditation and provide employees with a comprehensive health promotion program.

  • ISO 45001 Certificate / CNS 45001 Certificate

Diversified Employee Benefits

In order to create a diversified and inclusive work environment, SOLAR pays attention to the balance between work and life of employees by providing quality accommodation, healthy diet, leisure and travel activities, social club subsidies, and festival activities, etc. In accordance with the Organization Regulations on Employee Welfare Committee promulgated by the Ministry of Labor, SOLAR invites members from all departments to form the Employee Welfare Committee to coordinate the funds of the Committee and facilitate various measures of employee benefits.
  • Employee Dormitory

    SOLAR provides a dormitory for foreign migrant workers at Solar Park, with one private room per person, rent subsidy, and free cable TV. The dormitory features a gymnasium, a karaoke room, a new and free arcade basketball game machine, a bar area for socializing and a self-service laundry room.

  • Employee Cafeteria

    SOLAR pays attention to the health of employees, and outsources group meals to other suppliers to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the company paying 70% of the price and employees paying the other 30%. The special meals are offered on a weekly basis. The menu is diversified and balanced, and elements from Southeast Asian countries are incorporated as appropriate, allowing employees to experience the diverse food cultures of various countries.
  • Social Club Activities

    In order to encourage employees to participate in proper leisure activities, strengthen their physical fitness, improve the quality of life and promote physical and mental health, SOLAR subsidizes quarterly club activities. The club activities not only give feedback to employees' physical health, but also provide good medicine for mental health. SOLAR adheres to the spirit of "people-oriented" and puts emphasis on the balance between employees' work and life, so that employees are able to "enjoy work as well as life".
  • Diverse Activities

    Every year, SOLAR organizes a series of caring activities and employee benefit measures, inviting employees to dinners, not only to assist them to connect with one another emotionally, but also to spread love together with charitable organizations., to comfort employees' hard work throughout the year and to unite one another emotionally.


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