SOLAR Charity Foundation

SOLAR Charity Foundation

Date of Establishment
SOLAR Charity Social Welfare Foundation was established on April 28th, 2008 in Tainan.

There are still many minority groups, vulnerable elders and disadvantaged rural schools in the society requiring our long-term attention and support. By starting a charity foundation, SOLAR wishes to give back to the wider community and set an example to inspire more acts of kindness. We want to help those in need to create a better life, and work towards building a peaceful society.

  1. Inspire kindness: Inspire our employees to participate in charitable events
  2. Bring love into rural schools: Pay attention to disadvantaged schools, foster community culture and narrow the gap between urban and rural education
  3. Support elders who live alone: Provide emergency aid service, and visit elders who live alone in the community

  1. Promote community education to raise its cultural level.
  2. Set up after-school classes for students in the community, issue grants to excellent graduates, help improve hardware/software facilities and teaching quality at schools, narrow the difference between urban and rural development.
  3. Work with social welfare organizations and village offices to donate supplies regularly.
  4. Support elders who live alone: Visit elders who live alone, and organize event for Chongyang Festival to pay respect.
  5. Emergency aid: Organize charitable social events for children, elders, the disabled and low-income families.

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