Announcement of SOLAR’s Board Resolution to Redeem the Restricted Stocks to Employees

1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2023/11/06
2.Reason for capital reduction:SOLAR's board of directors resolved to redeem
the already-issued restricted stocks to employees as employees fail to meet
the vesting conditions.
3.Amount of capital reduction:NT$1,640,000
4.Cancelled shares:164,000 shares
5.Capital reduction ratio:0.027%
6.Share capital after capital reduction:596,443,243 shares
7.Scheduled date of the shareholders’ meeting:NA
8.Estimated no.of TPEx-listed common shares after issuance
of new shares upon capital reduction:N/A
9.Estimated ratio of TPEx-listed common shares after issuance
of new shares upon capital reduction to outstanding common
10.Please explain any countermeasures for lower circulation
in shareholding if the aforesaid estimated no.of TPEx-listed
common shares upon capital reduction does not reach 5 million
and the ratio does not reach 25%:N/A
11.Record date of capital reduction:2023/11/06
12.Any other matters that need to be specified:The record date of capital
reduction is set on 2023/11/06. In the event of a change to the record date
as per actual procedure, it is proposed that chairman of the board be
authorized to make such change.

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