Semiconductor Packaging and Testing

Bonding Wire

Metal Wires for Semiconductor IC and LED Packaging.
Bonding wire is a metal wire connecting electrodes in semiconductor IC or LED chips with terminals on lead frames. It is an indispensable material for transmitting signals in chips. 
  • Main products include silver alloy bonding wire series and coated silver bonding wire series.
  • Characteristics of silver alloy wire:
    (1) May apply in N2 or N2+H2 gas environment;
    (2) Wire with low hardness to avoid damage on aluminum pad;
    (3) Workability and reliability are comparable to gold wire.
  • Characteristics of silver coated wire:
    Antioxidant activity;
    (2) Resists sulfidation reaction;
    (3) Improve the reliability and service life of materials.
Silver Alloy Series
Product Type AG0B AG0E AG0F
Major Composition(wt.%) 88% Ag 96% Ag 98% Ag
Resistivity(µΩ.cm) 4.7 3.2 2.5

Coated Wire Series
Product Type ABG4 AFG1
Major Composition(wt.%) 87% Ag 97% Ag
Resistivity(µΩ.cm) 4.7 2.5

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