Precious Metal Chemicals and Materials

Precious Metal Chemicals

SOLAR combines waste liquid recovery with refining service to form a close loop recycling model for precious metal chemicals.
  • SOLAR's PGC product has passed UL 2809 validation to ensure the gold are 100% recycled materials. SOLAR's PGC products are applied in PCB and IC packaging industries and can be widely used in electroplating-related processes, such as barrel plating, rack plating and electroforming.
  • SOLAR's silver chemicals include silver potassium cyanide (PSC), silver cyanide, silver nitrate and silver plate for electroplating, which are applied in electroplating-related industries.
  • SOLAR's tetraammine dichloropalladium (Pd(NH3)4Cl2) products are mainly applied in new eco-friendly green electroplating, such as palladium plating for electronics, coating computer mainboard and network plug, and manufacturing automotive catalyst.
Product Appearance Content of Precious Metal
Gold potassium cyanide White crystalline powder >68.3%
Silver potassium cyanide White crystalline powder >54.0%
Silver cyanide White powder >80.0%
Silver nitrate Transparent crystal 63.4 ± 0.1%
Silver plate Plate, bar >99.99%
Tetraammine dichloropalladium Liquid 100 ± 1 g/L
(pH value:8~10)

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