Recycling of Precious and Rare Metals

Recycling and Refining of Precious/Rare Metals

SOLAR provide eight precious and rare metals recycling and refining meanwhile also recycling services.
  • Waste is a valuable resource for SOLAR. We recycle scraps during manufacturing process, industrial plant waste from our clients, and end-of-life electronic products. Through eco-friendly refining and purification technology, we regenerate valuable metals to achieve material sustainability.
  • SOLAR provides recycling and refining service for a diverse range of waste sources containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, indium, gallium and tantalum. We also provide supporting services of precious metals trading, transaction, rental and equipment parts cleaning to form a one-stop service for precious and rare metals.
  • SOLAR has waste collection vehicles equipped with GPS system and Class-A Waste Disposal Permit to collect and dispose waste according to customer requirements. We also offer logistics control service accompanied by security guard through the entire journey.
Waste Disposal Code
  • A-8801、A-9001
  • B-0299
  • C-0110、C-0201、C-0202
  • D-0201、D-0202、D-0299、D-0699、D-0801、D-0802、D-0803、D-0899、D-0902、D-1201、D-1299、D-1399、D-1499、D-1502、D-1503、D-1999、D-2407、D-2612、D-2623、D-2624、D-2625、D-2626、D-2627、D-2704
  • E-0217、E-0218、E-0221、E-0222、E-0228、E-0301
Types of Waste Sources
Waste Liquid Waste Scrap
Au/Ag/Pt/Pd waste liquid

Au、Ag waste plating solution

Stripping liquid

Aqua regla

GaAs waste liquid
Au waste filters

Pd waste filters

Ag scraps

Ag wipes
Waste printed circuit boards

IC Scrap


Petrochemial, air pollution, biotechnology spent catalysts
Degraded Product Ion Exchange Resin Spare Parts
Ag waste powder

Waste precious metal chemicals
Au or Pd resin

In oxalate resin
Pt crucible

Au crucible

Tungsten boat

Au rack

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