Thin-film Materials

Sputtering Targets

  • By using more than 50 chemical elements, SOLAR is experienced in manufacturing sputtering targets made from over 3,000 alloys and 30 types of metal oxides.
  • SOLAR supplies thin films to various industries, such as data storage media, semiconductors and displays. Depending on the application, we can provide sputtering targets in various shapes and sizes.
  • SOLAR supplied sputtering targets, which come in various specifications.
SOLAR is a world-class supplier of sputtering targets for storage media, providing sputtering targets for all media layers in this industry. SOLAR continuously improves product development capability to help customers pursue higher storage performance.
  •  MDS Sputtering Target
  • ODS Sputtering Target


SOLAR's semiconductor-grade sputtering targets are supplied to wafer foundries, bumping and packaging/testing. Certified by major international vendors, our products feature both high purity and high precision.
Application Products
Interconnection layer Al, Cu or alloy targets
Electrode/Metallization layer Au, Ag, Pt, Ti sputtering targets
Barrier layer Ta, Ti, WTi sputtering targets
Gate Electrode NiPt alloy targets
Memory Ru, CoFe alloy targets
SOLAR provides planar or rotary sputtering targets with high purity, high density, large size and a high bonding rate. In addition to providing ITO/Mo/Al sputtering targets, we offer a series of transparent conductive oxide (IXO) products to match various optoelectronic properties.
Application Product
TCO layer ITO, IXO, In2O3, ZnO planar or rotary sputtering targets
Channel layer IGZO planar or rotary sputtering targets
Reflection layer Ag or Ag alloy targets
Anti-reflection layer Nb2O5, TiO2, Ta2O5, Si sputtering targets
Electrode layer Al, Cu, Mo, Au, Ag or alloy targets
Barrier layer Pt or Pt alloy targets
Customized function layer Pure metal, metal alloy or metal oxide sputtering targets
With the capability in material design and process development, we can offer customized service to meet your requirements.
Other Sputtering Targets
  • Gold target have passed ISO 10993-5 medical devices vitro cytotoxicity of biocompatibility test.

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