Functional Ceramic Materials

Dedicated to the development of ceramic materials, SOLAR has abundant experience in R&D of ceramic materials that are applied in optoelectronics, MDS and ODS. We also offer customized service for optoelectronic ceramic materials design.
Metal oxides in ceramic materials include transparent conductive oxide used in optoelectronic industries (such as displays, LEDs and solar cells) and transparent oxide semiconductor materials used in high-resolution display panels.

Transparent conductive material: Indium tin oxide (ITO) is the most heavily and widely used transparent conductive material.
  • SOLAR has high-density, high-quality and large-size forming and large-size bonding technology for planar and rotary ITO sputtering targets.
  • In addition, SOLAR reduces nodule that typically occurs during sputtering of ITO target by doping appropriate elements according to crystallography and defect chemistry, so that ITO targets can be applied in high-resolution panels.
  • The patented PX-ITO target developed by SOLAR has low resistivity and excellent flexibility. It has passed the reliability test and can be used in commercial displays, especially flexible panels.

Transparent oxide semiconductor: Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) is a transistor channel material applied in high-resolution panel in recent years. IGZO features high electron mobility.
  • SOLAR has high-density, high-quality, large-size forming and large-size bonding technology for planar and rotary IGZO sputtering targets.
  • The product is certified by AMAT, which is a credible equipment manufacturer.
  • Dielectric Materials are widely used in magnetic storage, optical storage and semiconductor industries.
  • Through composition design, process flow design and microstructure design, SOLAR can produce ceramic sputtering targets with high dielectric properties and low resistivity, helping clients accelerate time to market.
  • SOLAR can customize ceramic materials according to client requirements for different optical, electrical, and mechanical properties.

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