Liquid Cooling for Thermal Circulation Systems

SOLAR develops liquid coolant solutions (SolarBrine) for temperature adjustment in cooling/thermal circulation, which can be used in indirect cooling or as heat transfer medium. This product is applied across six major industries as follows: manufacturing, food, cooling/heating, construction and air-conditioning.
  • The formula is designed to achieve anti-freezing, anti-boiling, anti-bacterial, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-scale, which can be applied in food production and environmental protection as a solution for thermal circulation system cooling.
  • Coolant and antifreeze solution is developed for various industries to meet customers’ needs.

Technology Highlight

    SHOWBRINE has a longer product lifetime than general antifreeze solution.
    SHOWBRINE has better heat conductivity, corrosion resistance and antibacterial property than general antifreeze solution.

Protective films are formed on three different metal surfaces to achieve anti-corrosion effect.

  • Combination with water ions to form a water-insoluble anti-corrosion layer on metal surfaces

  • Reaction of oxidation on metal surfaces to form a dense and thin anti-corrosion oxide film

  • Molecules of polar and hydrophobic groups are adsorbed on metal surfaces to form a hydrophobic film

  • Manufacturing industry - electronics (semiconductors, projectors, robots, welding machines)
  • Construction industry: heating and cooling systems in building, train station or airport
  • Cold chain industry: large freezer, food distribution, freezer defrosting
  • Food industry: brewery, beverage factory, frozen vegetables, aircraft food
  • Air-conditioning industry: factory air-conditioning system assembly, laboratory air-conditioning system, clean room air-conditioning system
  • Heating industry: floor heating, solar thermal medium

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