Metal and Alloy Materials

SOLAR has dedicated years of effort in developing magnetic materials and phase change materials for data storage media, as well as alloy resistor materials and high-purity alloys for semiconductors. We are highly proficient in the R&D and manufacturing of alloys and can achieve semiconductor-grade purity.
  • Magnetic materials are widely used in magnetic data storage, magnetic sensor, STT-MRAM and other fields.
  • SOLAR is involved in the development of magnetic alloy materials for nearly 20 years, using more than 32 elements (mainly platinum and ruthenium) to design and develop over 3,000 alloys with more than 8 elements. 
  • By focusing on the fine-grained microstructure of alloys in material properties, we are able to manufacture sputtering targets with high magnetic permeability, high mechanical strength and excellent characteristics for sputtering process.
  • For example, multi-component soft ferromagnetic alloys can reach high mechanical strength through microstructure design to meet customer requirement for non-cracking target under high-power sputtering.
  • For example, the technology of special target surface treatment can reduce particle contamination in customer's initial sputtering.
  • As semiconductor technology nodes continue to scale down, there are increasingly higher requirements for the purity, fineness, quality consistency and functionality of process materials, which means more use of alloy materials.
  • SOLAR has developed technologies of refining and purification, melting and casting, powder metallurgy and plastic forming. We are capable of providing alloy materials required for high-end wafer fabrication. Our alloy materials meet the requirements for high-purity and ultra-cleanliness, and are able to reach fine grain distribution and texture in material microstructure control. Additionally, under the trend of green manufacturing, SOLAR also provides recycling and reuse service for sputtering targets.
  • Phase change materials are widely used in optical recording and phase-change memory (PCRAM).
  • SOLAR uses 23 elements in phase change materials, including chalcogens (Te and Sb) that are often used in recording layer. We have developed hundreds of alloys and are capable of designing and manufacturing multi-component alloys with more than 5 elements.  
  • SOLAR is good at using alloy design to adjust the crystallization temperature of materials as well as the dynamic behavior of phase change materials.
  • We provide customized design and development services for phase change materials. 
  • Resistor materials can be applied in normal resistors and special resistors, including NiCr, CuNi alloys commonly used in normal resistors and CrSi alloy used in resistors with high resistance. 
  • SOLAR is experienced in resistor materials. Our alloys feature excellent thermal stability.  
  • We provide customized design and development services for resistor materials.

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